Tom Brady might break an NFL record that didn't seem possible to break

Whenever Tom Brady decides to call it quits, there’s a good <a href=""> chance he’ll retire as the NFL’s all-time leader in pretty much every major passing category.

At the rate he’s going, there’s a good chance that Brady will break Brett Favre’s record for most career completions (6,300), and Peyton Manning’s records for career passing yards (71,940) and touchdown passes (539). However, there is one record that won’t be so easy to break, and that’s because Brady is going to have to fend off Father Time <a href=""> if he’s going to break it.

The record we’re talking about here is the NFL record for oldest player to ever make a start at quarterback, which currently belongs to Steve Deberg, who was 44 years and 279 days old when he made a start for the Atlanta Falcons in 1998.

Although DeBerg was horrible in the game -- he finished 9 of 20 for 117 yards along with one interception and no touchdowns -- he did etch his name into NFL history by becoming the league’s oldest starting quarterback.

If Brady wants to break the record, it couldn’t happen until Week 1 of the 2022 season at the earliest, which means the Patriots quarterback would <a href=""> have to play at least six more seasons.
Just three years ago, the idea of a quarterback playing until he was 45 years old was borderline ridiculous. However, now it’s not so ridiculous to think about. As a matter of fact, with Brady, it’s so realistic that DeBerg actually thinks the Patriots quarterback is going to break his record.

“I think he would have to start a football game six seasons from <a href=""> now to break my record, and I actually think he’ll do it,” DeBerg told Sports Illustrated recently.

Brady probably agrees, and he’d probably also add that he <a href=""> plans on smashing the record. At the NFL’s annual league meeting in March, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that Brady’s plan was to play five to seven more years .

If Brady plays seven more years, that means he’d be on the field starting for the Patriots in 2023 at the age of 46. If that happens, the NFL probably won’t have to worry about updating that portion of the record book ever again, because it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever top that.
If Brady lasts that long, he’ll probably be hoping that his final start goes better than DeBerg’s. Not only did the Falcons get smoked during DeBerg’s start -- a 28-3 loss to the Jets -- but it was one of only two losses the 14-2 Falcons suffered in 1998, a year that ended <a href=""> with a loss to the Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII.