Purple Update: Status of Bridgewater’s future

What’s going on in Minnesota this offseason? The Vikings <a href="http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-teddy-bridgewater-jersey-c-2_7.html">Teddy Bridgewater Authentic Jersey</a> have their work cut out for them, as they try to make it back to the playoffs in 2017. Free agency and the NFL Draft are atop the priorities right now, but what is the organization’s greatest question mark for the future? The quarterback situation. Teddy Bridgewater’s injury after the third preseason game took a toll that would eventually exhaust the rest of the team later in the year.

The young franchise quarterback <a href="http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-tom-johnson-jersey-c-2_31.html">Tom Johnson Youth Jersey</a> was coming into his own, building on a 2015-2016 Pro Bowl season and taking noticeable strides with his downfield passing game. Bridgewater performed well early in the 2016 preseason, until a non-contact, practice injury would force an abrupt end to his year. A dislocated kneecap, torn ACL, along with other damaged ligaments was the result of the incident. The injury was catastrophic, leading some to question his football future.

So what is the update on Bridgewater’s future? Just a <a href="http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-xavier-rhodes-jersey-c-2_28.html">Xavier Rhodes Authentic Jersey</a> few weeks ago, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report came out with a report that Bridgewater would likely miss the entire 2017 season. However, that report was later refuted by Bridgewater’s agent, saying Cole’s claim had, “no substance and no credibility.” Adam Schefter would also confirm the refute, discrediting the Bleacher Report article.

The truth is, Bridgewater’s timetable is <a href="http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-tom-johnson-jersey-c-2_31.html">http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-tom-johnson-jersey-c-2_31.html uncertain. There have been many projected returns, anywhere from 12 to 24 months. There is a chance Bridgewater could return by next season, and that could come early, middle, or late in the year.

On the bright side, Bridgewater is younger and <a href="http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-xavier-rhodes-jersey-c-2_28.html">http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-xavier-rhodes-jersey-c-2_28.html healthier than others who have experienced the same injury. He could recover faster than most, especially with the help of Vikings head trainer, Eric Sugarman. Bridgewater is walking without crutches and without limp and has been videoed participating in agility drills.

We know that the young quarterback is <a href="http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-zach-line-jersey-c-2_26.html">http://www.authenticvikingsshop.com/shop-by-players-zach-line-jersey-c-2_26.html making progress; his timetable will be easier to tell come training camp. Until then, his poised demeanor, leadership and clutch abilities will be missed by the Vikings. Sam Bradford is the current option at quarterback, who can play well with solid protection in front of him. Hopefully Teddy recovers fast and surprises spectators everywhere.