John Randle on Adrian Peterson’s future with the Minnesota Vikings

Hall of Fame <a href="">Fran Tarkenton Youth Jersey</a> member John Randle gave his opinion on the Adrian Peterson situation for the Minnesota Vikings, and he held back nothing in his words.


When it comes to speaking their minds, the legends <a href="">Fran Tarkenton Kids Jersey</a> of the Minnesota Vikings are a vocal group. Whether it is Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Fran Tarkenton, or others, some big bombs have been dropped by the big names of the past.


During the Super Bowl weekend, John Randle spoke on <a href="">Jake Long Kids Jersey</a> the ThePostGame Podcast With Jeff Eisenband about several topics, including Texas high school football, Dennis Green, and NFC Championship Game.


One of the most interesting topics was the future of Adrian Peterson with the Vikings, which happened at the 12:25 point of the podcast on SoundCloud.


While the entire interview is interesting, and <a href=""> the stories involving Dennis Green and the heartbreaking loss were high points, hearing Randle speculate about the future of Adrian Peterson hammered home what many fans are thinking already.


“Adrian Peterson is gone, he’ll probably be gone,” Randle said. “He can maybe come back if he can lower his pay.”


Randle’s reasoning for his words make sense as well. He used <a href=""> the words of Peterson himself in the conversation and focused on looking forward rather than dwelling on the past of the running back position.


“It’s a possibility because he’s already said who he’s looking at,” Randle said. “He’s looking at other teams. I think he said Denver or some other team. You know what? Eventually we’re going to have to replace him anyhow. It’s sad in <a href=""> one way, but it’s a new beginning of something else. It’s an opportunity for someone else to come in and to fulfill that role because we’re going to have to do it anyhow.”


There is still plenty of time for the Minnesota Vikings to make a decision on the future of Adrian Peterson, but hearing insight from legend John Randle reminds fans of just how much of a business the National Football League can be.